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Scotland Calling gives all the information you will need to tour and some nice places to stay We are a separate country with a rich and colourful history, with its own language and culture this site gives you lots of facts on one site, so you can enjoy a fantastic vacation here
Relax and unwind with us, enjoy our Scottish culture, scenery and history there should be something for everybody wanting to enjoy a visit. Information, tours, drives, castles, walks, pubs, golf, fishing. Come and visit us and enjoy our country and culture

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Loch Ness is part of the Great Glen, an enormous fissure in the earth that just about splits the country into two. There are a series of lochs, rivers and canals that link the Atlantic with the North Sea. this is the most eastern of these.


are not unique to this country. Various forms of bagpipe have evolved in countries as diverse as India, Russia, North Africa, and a number of countries in Europe (Ireland,   Finland, Germany, France, Spain) and  the Middle East. It was probably introduced here either by the Roman legions or by the Irish

References to forms of bagpipe date right back to the Greeks 2500 years ago, and the Romans used it 1900 years ago. The first British reference is a Northumberland pipe around 1200, and it was around this time that the instrument became very popular right across Europe. Most of these bagpipes, including the Scottish ones were similar, and had two tenor drones by 1500

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